MoneyLand Slots is a mobile interactive game concept that I designed for IGT (International Gaming Technology). This was the first e-instant game design that began the switch from flash to html5.

MoneyLand Slots Game Screens


IGT was looking for an interactive game to run on their match 3 game engine. Some of the worlds most popular gaming applications, such as Candy Crush run on the match 3 game engine. I decided to develop a concept that used slot machine symbols. At the end of each round the player can travel through money land for chances to win cash prizes.


The challenge was to design a game concept that would work with the engine, but also have the feel like a skill based game. The idea was to make the game play skills based and the bonus rounds games of chance.

MoneyLand Slots How to Play


Each round of game play would consist of a match 3 game. The match 3 would be skills based and would require the player to reach a particular score to make the bonus round and enter Money Land and have a chance at cash prizes. For example the player could have a key with three treasure chests. They would select a chest for a chance to win a cash prize.

MoneyLand Slots Game

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