Cash Rocket is a e-Instant mobile game design for IGT. e-Instant games are games of chance built into a gaming engines. The concept of these e-Instant games are just like digital scratch tickets.

Cash Rocket Mobile Game


I had the idea to develop a game that would run on the keno gaming mechanic. The player would have a series of chances or rockets and would launch them and try to hit grid coordinates on the gaming grid. Cash prizes would be revealed as the tiles were hit.


To develop a game concept that would sell. Keno is one of the most popular games on the planet in lottery and casinos. Many game concepts are designed and never built. This is because the cost to develop a game and then sell that game is very expensive. So, it is too costly to develop every game concept.

Cash Rocket Mobile Game


To have the rockets come up through the ground into a launching pad. I knew that if the concept wasn’t perfect it could be tweaked into other styles of games that would be more popular.

Cash Rocket Game Screens

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