To script, storyboard, and animate a 30-second Kinetic Typography sequence. The animation was created using Adobe After Effects, with assets in Adobe Illustrator. One of my favorite tv shows was Dexter, so I decided to pay homage to the show by doing the sequence on the show. The duration was :30 at a HD resolution of 1080/1920 at 29 fps. I wanted to incorporate as many animation principles in the sequence as possible. Throughout the sequence there are examples of staging, timing, anticipation, squash and stretch, easy easing (slow out and in), and overlapping action.


Because I was already a big fan of the TV show Dexter, I didn’t have to do too much research on the show itself. I did have to decide what dialogue or action I would use.
I had a vision of the scene and staging to be primarily blood red on a black background. The project was under a tight deadline, so I was somewhat limited on the amount of secondary animation I could incorporate. The primary action would be the kinetic type itself, with secondary animation sprinkled in throughout that made reference to the shows main character. Once I had a clear vision of the sequence I began to story board and sketch it out.


For this project I decided to create the entire scene in Adobe Illustrator. I laid out the type in a way that would produce dynamic movements of the camera. The quote I chose to use is from the shows opening at the very beginning of the show. Once the type scene was laid out I moved onto creating various assets for the secondary animation. I needed bowling pins, a scalpel, blood slide with arm, and air conditioner. When all of the assets were complete it was time to stage in After Effects.

Dexter Kinetic Type


With the entire scene staged I began to animate the sequence using the After Effects plug-in SureTarget. The plug-in is fantastic and it’s programmed to track null-objects that are set. So wherever I placed the objects null the camera was programmed to follow one null to the next on the timeline. This is a very dynamic plug-in and made the process much easier than it would have been if I had to set keyframes for the cameras every move. All the camera is doing is tracking and zooming in and out on the words.

Dexter Kinetic Type
Dexter Kinetic Type
Dexter Kinetic Type

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