Brand Identity Design

Branding Challenges

Developing a brand identity for a company you aren’t familiar with can be a challenge! Your critical thinking skills are put to the test. What are the company’s core values? What products to do they make? Who is their competition? Who buys their product? On the design side, does the company already have a logo? Is there a graphic standards manual or style guide? What does the rest of their collateral look like? I have to collect and analyze all of this information before I begin the design process. The brand is a companies identity to the world. This is very powerful and a big responsibility.

The Solution

When developing a brand identity I dig down below the surface to learn about a company and its product(s). I Analyze the information that I have collected to understand the company and its marketplace (competition). I identify the brands target audience and try to understand who they are and what makes them tick. During the brainstorming phase I create idea clouds and sticky note pyramids with a list of user affordances. This helps me identify the brands persona and helps me develop a concept that fits the brand. Once this process is complete, I begin the design process.

Branding Overview

Various brands and concepts. Some are for actual companies and some are brand ideas that I have developed.

Black Cap Cafe Rebranding

For a rebrand of Black Cap Cafe in Stowe, Vermont, I conducted research on Black Cap Cafe and the Stowe, Vermont community. The cafe was being relocated to the Mt. Stowe Ski Resort, and needed a new look. I completely redesigned the logo and the interior of the cafe. At the beginning of the redesign phase, I created a mood board to help show what the new brand and the cafe would look like. I also created a new logo, packaging, signage, color palettes, interior design of the cafe, etc. All of this work goes into rebranding.

I would love to help you with your branding project!

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